Automaton Vibrato

I still have many fond memories of the birth of 3D development watching the effects grow from their infancy. One of most beloved pieces of nostalgia, a newer example not from the earliest ages but still a good example, is the incorporation of 3D elements and music. This fusion has always been a fantastic piece of hypnotizing structures and melodies.

Whether it’s the inspiration to create machines to do our jobs or the bringing together to have devices help to create our art, it can all truly drive innovation. Building directions never thought feasible just a decade or two ago.

We are in a dangerous time at the turn of a new dawn. A revolution into what will change everything we know today and guaranteed to flip it all on its head. Whether that is one of loss or progress is yet to be determined, but having visionaries in our midst will become even more important no matter the direction.

Either way, I believe the technological renaissance is truly still in its beginning phases. If the world stays in one piece, we should all be in for a hell of a ride.

…and music better damn well be a part of it.


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