Dust In The Darkness

Somewhere in there…


⇒Scope. “…the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something.” To understand the scope or where our place is in the vacuum seems a task disproportionately inappropriate to reality. The vast emptiness is inspiring to all types: explorers, dreamers, naysayers, innovators, futurists, writers.

⇒The deep dark is an endless playground, but it is wild and untamed. Space will always be as beautiful as it is unforgiving. Once the tools are available, only imagination and drive will limit future endeavors. When our future leads us to be separated by light years instead of miles, when do we as a species begin to develop away from each other?

⇒When humans that decide on Alpha Centauri as their new future split among those who choose to push for Sirius, Canis Majoris, what happens to their evolution? Furthermore, the one’s who want to remain in our home Sol system and split among the quiet vast space between Earth and Ganymede, what does that do to future differences? Light delay and distance will become an undeniable shortcoming in information sharing and tribal mentality. Unless there are some serious advancements in quantum entanglement, which I’m sure there will be, then there will be a dangerous undertaking in projecting a sense of responsibility for the future of our species.

⇒When it comes down to it, it is looking more and more likely, lest we destroy ourselves first, that we are the aliens we make so many entertainment shows about. What we do with the realization that we could very well be the first interplanetary species and how we handle that will shape the entirety of our galaxy, and eventually our universe; perhaps, multiple universes.


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