Humble Music Inspiration



Evolution of String (Not the Theory)


⇒ There’s nothing quite more inspiring to me than learning the ropes of an instrument I have always wanted to try. That’s not to say I ever get any good at any one of them I pick up, but it is a fantastic way to character concept when writing I’ve found. Whether it be the sharp intonations of a shamisen, the soothing melodies an ocarina can provide, the flamenco stylings of a true professional guitarist, or even the smooth sailings of harmony a real master piano player can provide. Dabbling, ‘love to dabble,’ is most definitely a way of putting it. Living vicariously through others by gracing the top of the iceberg of their accomplishments. Learning just enough to satisfy that itch of, ‘I want to do that, too,’ but not enough to say I’ve perfected anything.

⇒ Either way, I find myself always wanting to give each character a trait based upon what instrument I think they would associate with most. Are they the legendary bagpipe player, or are they the would-be destroy the world Nordic type? Perhaps they are the exact definition of roundabout percussion vision, or maybe even the bass riff that underpins the entire plot?

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