Automaton Futures

The standoff is beginning.


⇒When the future forgoes all subtleties whispering its promises into our ears and decides to smash its boot into our face instead, will we be ready for such a transition? It seems no industry is immune to the progressing of automation going forward. Of course, the repetitive work is going to be replaced first, not just the factory jobs, but all of them. The retail stores, the code writing, the delivery drivers, and even the line cooks. This sounds like an opportunity to expand out of the mindless monotony of heavy work. There is an expansion into this realm, though, when even the skilled labor is in question when houses are being built, surgeries are being handled, and even our written articles are being done by AI futures.

Any excuse to use a Johnny Mnemonic reference is a good one.


⇒When only a handful hold onto the past still make their own necessities, just as people who still churned their own butter long after was necessary, what do the masses turn to? UBI? Even I fit into a category of double-digit taxes year over year. When governments cannot receive a steady flow of reliable income, do the top corporations turn into an umbrella for all of us? There are two sides to every coin, of course, and such explain that perhaps demand will increase with the affordability automation promises. The very few at the top that bought all the automation in the first place to cut costs, reduce claims, and create an unrivaled consistency to their product at a 24-hour production rate; these are who we have to rely on? Will it be art? Creating? Life sounds fantastic just to be able to live, and an automated future is not something we can avoid, but some serious questions need to be answered along the way.

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