Well, I’ll be.

To goal, or not to goal? Just goal already, idiot!


⇒ The scent of inspiration. Don’t ask me what the hell that smells like, but what we have here has the fragrance of fine leather with the feel of tree pressed paper, actual paper yes. Laying out your goals and realistic expectations in a usable form could prove invaluable. It is a thirteen-week challenge I’m willing to explore in this year of change and progress, though. Best Self Journal, excellent already.

“Irony is the opposite of wrinkly.”


⇒ Having your own personal guide to weave your way through your unintended screw-ups is a godsend and worth the cost of making your actual thoughts appear properly scripted. We tend to think we are more intelligible than we actual have any right to.  The combination of a machine and human program to humble, inspire and bring you back down to earth. Just like saying, “Hey no, you really do suck! Try this!” Cannot say I’ve been happier with such a thing to tell me that.

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