Enviable(?) Future


⇒The latest in ‘wish I could be alive in 100 years’ comes in the latest addition to these possibly habitable (or at least as close as we have) exoplanets within that 50 light year mark. We can only imagine what it is going to be like for the first human colony to traverse between solar systems. For some (maybe most) never seeing the destination only harboring the safety of future colonists that would arrive. So many questions come with such a ‘generation ship‘ as it could be called. Would the individuals born and raised in the black, outside the solar system, have any affinity left for Earth? Would they care because they were told to care? How could they? Being so far from what they would have only heard about in stories and and speculation from their parents and peers, what connection would they have left to what was left behind?

⇒Resentment? Who are we to doom future children into the depths of what can only be described as a cold, dark, never-ending night? Could we trust 5 decade old robots to the task and be patient enough to wait for any contact 10 decades later? No. As a race there have always been explorers to risk their own lives and their future generations into the unknown. We are nothing if not determined to spread across whichever expanse we deem worthwhile. That does not mean that the humans that arrive at the destination are the same humans as they left behind.

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