We Must Answer the Call the Stars are Making.

spacex grpahic.png

⇒Just as recent as five years ago there were thoughts and theories that were only dreams and wishes. These wishes and dreams and thoughts and theories have not only come true, but become more than even the dreamers have thought they could be. Another fantastic landing from, who could only be called a visionary,  Elon Musk and team SpaceX. The Paypal founder is a busy man with creations of tunnels, space endeavors, solar missions, and automation. It is an awesome time to be an observer to fantastic feats of scientific progress, even through times when not everyone seems to be on the same page as to what science and progress can bring us. Being stuck in the past is not the way forward and not the future I want my children to be stuck with. I want their future, and everyone else’s, to consist of mystery and exploration, discovery and progress, and a healthy home where everyone on the surface can have clean air to breathe. I can only thank the leaders and doers putting themselves in positions to bring these dreams to life from a distance, but thank them I will.


Risks are being taken again in the call for progression and exploration. We will find what it takes to set foot off of our home planet not for moments and days, but for good. There is no foreseeable future that comes with staying where we are, that is only disaster. The urge to push forward into uncharted territory is truly what will define us and what has always defined us. Throughout history there has always been names that have seemed to push the entire human race forward on only their vision and determination, for better or ill. We are most definitely in one of those moments in history right now.

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