20,000 Leagues of Orbit


⇒What would it mean to reestablish the Ninth vector course orbit of the Sol proprietor of our solar corner of the cosmos? Not much, probably. There is nothing more that can be done that hasn’t already been done by its mere existence. Unless it is an alien intruder as has been speculated before, then the question certainly would be from which neighbor, or who? Much like the continued theorists of Spheres, there also has to be a sense of curiosity aroused when dealing with a near supernatural darkness as far out as numero Nine is claimed to be. Bring out that inner astronomer and find this thing, as has been requested, but don’t expect me to call it anything else besides the Tenth! Long live Pluto!


⇒Closer to home in the salt mines of the system comes an organic splash on a rock. Ceres has turned out to be a visual mystery, unlike Venus who hides her secrets beneath a yellow orange cloak, we can see all Ceres has to offer and still can’t figure it out.


⇒All this and I still have this unkempt fear that a rogue black hole is going to wipe us out at any moment. Can’t shoot that shit down!

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