Immortally Immoral, For the Best

One can dream.

⇒Will there be a time in the next 100-1000-10000 years that are going to be full of as many discoveries as there are now? Especially when we have already reached the point of considering the possibility of agelessness as it seems we are teetering on the edge of, which is nearly impossible to believe. Sure, anything like that is while off, or is it?

⇒The last couple centuries have seen us from horse and carriage, to our own machines coexisting with us that will do nearly anything we can imagine, to launching an intergalactic spaceship to check out our nearest galaxy neighbors. Let us not forget our creation of a hive mind globally circulating the world and orbit or physically (read robotically) flyby of even our furthest neighborhood planets with the King of the Kuiper. Being on the brink of colonizing not only the Moon and Mars yet also the possibility of even extending our reach into the moons held by Jupiter, the Father of Gods.

⇒Scientific progression and discovery has not only been driven by need, but by curiosity and desire. Some argue the fact that we haven’t been to the bottom of the ocean, fed all the people, dropped all the religious war bullshit as a counterpoint to exploring all of these new found territories. Yet, there is a pipe-dream that emanates from that idea. Those issues will ALWAYS exist, no matter where we go as a race there will be a continued difference of opinion on just how to exist. There will never be an end to war, famine, or greed. Yet, I have to say that how we cope with all of that which STILL exists and continue to make giant leaps of scientific movement leaves me nothing if not, hopeful.

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