Witch Hunt

“At the very least, shove me into a biomass generator!”

⇒Do not adhere to such blatant totalitarianism as demanding nonpartisan names in an attempt to do just what with those names? Seriously, gtfo. USuncut, along with everyone else posted about the demand for climate scientist’s names. I could not give two shits less if you think it is a politicized move, a false study, or some bassackwards conspiracy theory. There are big money motives on BOTH sides of the issues. That does not excuse the segregating of individuals in an effort to shine a light on those that are merely doing their jobs; that goes for skeptics AND non-skeptics.

⇒The fact of the matter is that less crap in the air going into your lungs, less toxic sludge in my water, and less mutant fish inhabiting our world is, NEWSFLASH, not a bad thing! It doesn’t really matter how you stack your eggs, there is no denying that doing things like re-opening black lung factories and burning people at the stake for pushing us forward as a species is a step in the wrong direction. There is no getting away from the fact that the severe loss in gains and perhaps a couple billion dollars less for a few industries is driving studies that can only be categorized as bullshit. Don’t forget about the sugar scandal if you haven’t already.

Reuters has posted that the administration is already denying intention to request names and that proper action has been taken. My belly is rather full when it comes to the swallowing so much back and forth, he said she said, their lying you’re lying. When it comes to making sense of it, with all the fake propaganda and conspiratorial threats inhabiting our news feeds there is only one thing I can be certain of anymore. Improving life for the future of the world’s air that my children have to breath, the food they will consume, and the water they will drink is not the wrong path.

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