I cannot disagree.

What a challenge can inspire can truly be a magnificent thing. When it comes a time before the internet (yes there was such a time) and you read about people who physically gathered to talk and read excerpts of finished, unfinished, and scattered stories aloud to the room. It reminds me a lot of places now like Goodreads or Chuck Palahniuk’s inspiring essays and writing inspiration:

“While I’d never admit it, I’ve always harbored a shame about wanting to write. Even fictional characters who aspired to the same goal made me squirm with unease.”

⇒There’s no glamour that isn’t the smokey, large, bad CGI’d holographic head of Oz that you are trying to represent when you’re the stooped over, pajama wielding, red eyed and over caffeinated  button pusher in front of your too dim laptop in the middle of the night. Especially when you’re too stupidly tired to press the spell check and instead hit the publish button that makes you seem like the without editor schlup you are.

⇒Yet… none of that matters. When you do something because it cracks the inside of your skull to get out when you’re doing the day in and day out mindless routines of monotony to pay the mortgage. It is those late sleepless nights scribbling ideas down into a not so neat form that has a certain feeling of complete satisfaction that continues to make all those other things wash away. The point being we do all those other things for everyone else, but there is one thing that you do for you no matter how shit you are at it.

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